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Click Here to Join Ipsos Access Panel and get rewarded for your opinions.

It is 100% free to join. The surveys are usually very interesting.

Ipsos panel pays in points that can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards. The minimum payout is 5 £ for UK and 5$ for US for which you need 750 points.

The surveys usually pay 75-150 points for 10 minutes. If you participate in a survey and do not qualify, you still get 5-20 points. Ipsos i-say panel also has a loyalty program where bonus points are awarded after completing a number of surveys.

Ipsos is one of the biggest market research company and is 100% legitimate. The company works for large multi national companies and helps them to conduct market research.

Some of the other legitimate UK paid survey companies that we recommend to join are Valued Opinions UK and Pinecone Research UK. Both of these companies are 100% free to join. You can join these panels using below sign up links:

  1. Click Here to Join Valued Opinions UK and Get Paid to Share Your Opinions
  2. Click Here to Sign Up for Pinecone Research UK and Earn £3/Survey

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